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This page is for participants in the Healthy Eating program only. As part of this program, we have created nine helpful audio resources to help you reach your goals related to mindful eating and managing cravings.


Instructions: We ask that you listen to at least one audio per week. It doesn't matter which audio you listen to -- only that you get into the practice of checking in with your body and hunger levels each week!


For your first time practicing Mindful Eating or Urge Surfing, we recommend starting with the 5-minute audio introductions. Then, you can proceed down the list for subsequent booster sessions and more tailored practice.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is the practice of cultivating an open-minded awareness toward our eating behaviors and the ways in which the foods we choose to eat affect our minds and bodies.

Click here for some Mindful Eating FAQs!

What is Urge Surfing?

Urge surfing is a mindfulness technique that can be used to manage unwanted desires or cravings. With our audio guides, you will learn to watch your cravings openly, like waves, until they pass.

Click here for some Urge Surfing FAQs!

Audio Introductions

Start here for your first time with either Mindful Eating or Urge Surfing!

Mindful Eating

Learn to recognize the "why," "what," and "how" of eating to more fully enjoy foods consumed (5 minutes). Prepare a tasty, bite-sized treat for this activity!

Urge Surfing.jpg

Urge Surfing


Learn to view your cravings openly and non-judgmentally and "ride the wave!" (5 minutes). Prepare a tasty, bite-sized treat for this activity.


Booster Audios

Proceed here if you have completed the Mindful Eating or Urge Surfing introductions!

Mindful Eating


Continue your mindful eating practice (3 minutes). Prepare a tasty, bite-sized treat for this activity!


Urge Surfing


Continue your urge surfing practice (3.5 minutes). Prepare a tasty, bite-sized treat for this activity!

Additional Practice

Try these if you have completed the introductions and booster sessions, for more tailored practice!

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating Option 2


Practice the when and how of eating tasty foods, rather than eliminating them altogether (4 minutes). Prepare a tasty, bite-sized treat for this activity!

Taste Satisfaction


Learn to obtain the same enjoyment from a smaller amount of food (6 minutes). Prepare a tasty, bite-sized treat for this activity!



Practice eating mindfully for an upcoming meal (1 minute). No snack needed!

Urge Surfing

Hunger Awareness


Learn to identify your hunger levels and eat when moderately hungry (3 minutes). Great for those who tend to undereat or overeat in response to stress. No snack needed!

Stomach Fullness


Learn to identify your fullness levels and stop eating when you are appropriately full (3.5 minutes). Prepare a glass of water for this activity! (No snack needed.)

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